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Rise Of Bodybuilding In Afghanistan

Shukrullah Helmandi Bodybuilding The country is achieving increased acclaim in the sport as highlighted most recently by the Afghan Bodybuilding Team winning 6 gold medals in the 43rd Asian bodybuilding championships this year. Mohammad Yousuf Sakhi, Mohammad Haroun Azimi and Mohammad Asif Sakhi each won two gold medals in the competitions held in Kazakhstan and have gone down in history as the first three Afghan bodybuilders to win gold medals in the Asian competitions. Afghan bodybuilders have achieved landmark success. Shukerullah Helmandi, a 28 year old blog bodybuilder from Helmand Province, who twice won the Mr Afghanistan title in 2009 and 2011, went on to win the first ever gold medal for Afghanistan at the 8th South Asian Bodybuilding Championship in Bhutan in 2011. The Championships were a prominent success for the Afghan team as fellow Afghan bodybuilder Zemerai Popal also won a gold medal and overall the Afghan team achieved first in the championship. The Afghan team took home two gold medals, three silver and one bronze. front page These successes highlight not only personal victories for the competitors but are pivotal in highlighting a significant increase in Afghans pursuing bodybuilding.
Full story http://www.khaama.com/rise-of-bodybuilding-in-afghanistan-98765

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